Taxation in Denmark

On these pages you can find general information about the Danish Tax system.


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Taxation in Denmark

Introduction to taxation in Denmark

The leaflet is a translation of the Danish leaflet "Skat i Danmark - en introduktion". The leaflet gives a basic introduction to the tax system and some good advice for new citizens, who need to learn about the danish tax system for maybe the first time.

Read the introduction

The Danish Tax Cut 2004

A short brief of the Danish Tax Cut 2004.

Danish Tax Reform 2010

Danish Tax Reform 2010. Workingpaper to the OECD WP 2 meeting November 2009

The Danish number plate system

On this page you will find a presentation of the Danish number plate system

8. maj 2014

Hydrocarbon Tax

The Act on the Taxation of Income in Connection with Hydrocarbon Recovery in Denmark (the Hydrocarbon Tax Act).